Some Down Time

My in-laws left yesterday, and let me tell you they wore us out.  We spent so much time hiking and just being outside.  It was fabulous.  I miss them already.


The goal this week is to get back in the groove of things.  I need to start ramping my miles up again and improving my climbing.  In order to do that, Art and I ran/hiked two miles up Mt. Elden last night.  I was pleased to discover that I am able to do much more running now.  I wore my minimal shoes and felt pretty light.  It was fun to run down the mountain, too.  I felt a little like a mountain goat, stepping lightly on, over and around the rocks.  It was a lot of fun and a great challenge.  Elden is going to be instrumental in my training for the R2R2R. It has a lot of the same terrain: high step-ups and lots of rocks to work around.


I’ve been doing my hundred push-ups a day.  I do 15 to 20 at a time.  I feel pretty about how my arm strength is improving.  I am going to add crunches to the mix as well.


I’ve worked my steady trail 5K time to under 9:00.  I just run really steady, no huffing or puffing.  It feels like I’m comfortable but working.  This is good for me.  I’ll keep working on it.  I don’t want Dara to leave me too far behind.



Today is day 5 of our push-up challenge. Two more days (after today, of course)!!! Honestly doubting my ability to make it through to the end. I’m just taking it one set of ten at a time. I know I can pull through. I bought little prizes for the ladies that are doing it with me. I figure they deserve something after knocking out all of these push-ups! I’ll post once I get them! Hint: they were specially made by me!

So this week has been running shorter runs and focusing on cross training. I am pretty sore from my workout Tuesday night (10 minutes of pilates kicked my @ss- thank you pinterest) and of course all of the push-ups. 

Yesterday was just a short run that I did in the morning due to the forecast calling for heavy thunderstorms in the afternoon. We ended up canceling our trail run we had scheduled for 6ish because of it and the fear of slipping and sliding over wet rocks. None of us are exactly experts yet so we went with better safe then sorry. But I did go to Aqua Zumba with my girl, Kim in the evening.

This morning’s run was an easy 4. I’m not sure of the pace because I forgot to charge my watch…

And tonight I’m going to meet the lovely ladies of the Another Mother Runner site at Fleet Feet in Albany. I’m so excited. Desma bought me their book Run Like a Mother when I first started running and I downloaded Train Like a Mother on my Nook. I love both of these books and highly recommend them to any runner, mother or not. And as an added bonus, they also featured another blog I read on a regular basis this morning: Trading In My Heels. Karen’s great. make sure you check out her blog. 

I have to remember to charge my phone so I can get pictures tonight! I keep meaning to take pictures while I’m doing all of these fun things and just keep forgetting. I’ve never been good about taking pictures. 

I hope you all have a wonderful day! I’ll post about my adventures tonight tomorrow.




Memorial Day Weekend

This weekend was very wet here in Vermont. I spent most of it working at my friend’s shop. Since it was raining, I didn’t mind at all. And I minded even less when I was told three times I didn’t look old enough to have a four year old! Why thank you wonderful customers!

I took the weekend off from running since my training for the Northface Endurance 50 Mile race began on Monday. I’ve been working on my training plan and got it mostly mapped out and then realized I was doing it wrong. Fun.


         Look at what I get to redo!

I started Monday off with a 5.5 mile trail run with my buddy Ruth and then we were off to a half hour of Zumba. On land this time. I wish I had taken pictures of our run. It was so beautiful in the woods and peaceful. Even though I missed our turn at one point and made our run a little longer than necessary. Sorry Ruth!

This morning was an easy four and tonight is strength training. But my stomach is acting up this afternoon making it tough to get motivated.

Speaking of motivation, I’m on day 3 of my pushup challenge. I’m sore as all hell and I have 20 more to do before I go to bed! I’m going to bust them out and do my strength training and then fall into my bed comatose!

See you all in the morning!


Oh! I finally had my first drink since before Christmas! Thank you Sam Adams for your delightful blueberry beer. It went down quite smoothly.

What do you give up when you’re training?

Push-Up Power.

Dara managed to rope me into this 100 push-ups a day challenge.  I did 20 by 6:45 this morning. Only 80 more to go.  Don’t worry, Dara, I’ll be dropping to the floor at my job, too.  No judgements here.



Yesterday was spent hiking 3100 feet down into the Grand Canyon to Indian Gardens with Art and my in-laws.. It was a magnificently beautiful day.  We started down at 8:00 in the morning; it was about 60 degrees at the rim and incredibly clear with just the just the slightest blue tinge in the canyon. We had gone less than a quarter mile before stopping to take off our long sleeves. The hike never fails to astonish me, and yesterday was no different.  The light shifts and changes over the rocks as the sun grows higher in the sky.  You can never look at the canyon twice and see the same thing.  That being said, we stopped often for Art and Art to take photos.






The above pic was the temperature at Indian Gardens.  The was a lovely breeze and, in the shade, you would never guess it was that hot.  Stepping out into the sun though was a whole other matter.  There were signs posted everywhere that said “Don’t hike between 11 and 4,” so what did we do? We started our hike back to the top at 1:30.  We stopped often for pics and to let Beth breath.  3100 vertical feet over 4.5 miles is no light thing.  Art and Beth did a fantastic job…although Beth said she’ll never do it again. 🙂



100 Pushups A Day?? Hell Yeah!!

No likey push-up

[This is how I honestly feel about pushups.]

Today begins the 7 Day Push-Up Challenge from It’s 100 push-ups a day for 7 days. I managed to convince Desma and a few of my other friends including my running buddy Ruth to partake in this challenge. So far, so good. I had 20 done by 7am and I’m about to drop and do 10 more.


This will definitely be an interesting challenge, especially since I’ll be dropping to the floor at my new job and busting out push-ups throughout the day. I hope no one judges me for knee push-ups. I’m planning on doing 10 push-ups at a time sporadically throughout the day with 5 being traditional and 5 on knees. Hopefully by the end of the week, I’ll be able to bust out 10 traditionals at a time.

Feel free to join us! I have set up a group on facebook where we can complain commiserate about our sore arms. Hope to see you there!


On another training note: I start my 50 mile training plan on  Monday! Whoo-hoo! Trail running with Ruth to get some trail experience before the race on Saturday.


Back at it.

So…I took some time off to let my foot heal up.  Kind of.  My in-laws are here visiting.  We spent the weekend hiking in Zion National Park.  The weather wasn’t great, cool and rainy, but we had great fun.  I ran up sand dunes in Coral Pink Sand Dune State Park…yes I fell down and got sand everywhere.  We hiked in several areas on the road from Zion to Page, AZ.  It was magnificent.  The most beautiful place I’ve ever seen is Horseshoe Bend in Page.


I have been running again this week.  4, 4 and 5.  I’m running in my Cascadias for now until I’m sure the foot is clear.  It feels better, but I’m waiting until next week to slip back into the flats.  I feel sluggish but am still running just over 9’s on the trails. Gotta get back up to speed.  I have to run that Elden loop.


I’ve decided I’m going to take boxing lessons when life settles down.  Excited!

Party in the Pool

I told you all that I would tell you how Aqua Zumba went. Well it was intense!! Much harder than I thought it was going to be.

Kim and I were super excited to go but we showed up a few minutes late and when we got to the pool all the good spots were taken. For optimal performance, the water should come up just over your chest but Kim and I got stuck out in slightly deeper (shoulder height) water. No big deal, I  thought, until I floated away mid jump and had to swim back to solid ground missing several moves and blatantly falling out of step. Synchronized swimming will never be my thing. I’m pretty sure the older woman stuck next to me was not thrilled about my spectacular water flinging. I feel her pain because I splashed myself in the face a couple of times. An unpleasant surprise.

It was a blast though and I was grateful for the low impact exercise. It definitely leveled the playing field age-wise however. There were women there of all ages, from teenagers to well seasoned women. And some of the more seasoned women were pretty spicy! They were moving around much better then I was!

This morning I went for my first run since my marathon. I did 3 nice and easy miles with my early morning running buddy Ruth. It was just what I needed. I’ve been getting super antsy to hit the road again.

Then she treated me to breakfast at the Spiral Press Cafe and we were able to sit and chat over coffees and breakfast sandwiches. Yum!

So the question now is what’s next? I am going to run my first trail race since last summer on June 1st.  It’s the West River Trail Run in Londonderry, VT. It’s 11 miles and will be my longest trail run ever. I did a 15k last May and it took me longer than my 1/2 marathon time. I’m really looking forward to this run. It’s for a good cause and I’ll be running with my buddy Ruth and possibly a friend’s husband (who will leave us in the dust, I’m sure). I’m excited to hit the trails again.


What’s next on your running list?