Damn Rollercoaster!

Ok, so remember the other day when I was so excited about how well my legs were feeling? Well, when I returned home today after my 18 mile “easy” run, I announced to Art that I was done running. The nerve issue in my legs had fired up around mile 13, making the last 5 miles unenjoyable to say the least. I was covered with dirt, sunscreen, sweat, and yes, perhaps a tear or two when I announced my retirement. I declared that it was the end, I was tired of hurting, and then I went upstairs and fell asleep in a puddle of sweat on the (used to be) nice clean blanket. Then I stood in a scalding hot shower and felt a little more sorry for myself.

I’m not really done running. But I am tired of the pain. I may have to go and see Kym every week, but that’s what I’ll do if I have to. I think I’d lose my mind if I couldn’t run. Although right now, I kind of feel that way as it is. I’m incredibly worried that I won’t be able to complete the 100. I’m nearing panic mode about it. Tomorrow I have another long run planned: around 25 miles. I really need to be able to do these.

I’m going to try to focus on how good the first 13 miles felt. I took the Loop Trail and headed out toward Campbell Mesa. Then I came to the tunnels under the highway…and they were flooded. I was going to wade through but the water came up to my knees when I stepped in. Then I thought I’d cross the highway but there was way too much traffic. So I did an out and back on the AZ trail instead. I drank all 70 ounces of water again and was praying for rain, which I didn’t get. But at least I made it home and didn’t run into any cows. I say some elk and deer tracks and got screamed at by some birds. It wasn’t the best run I’ve ever had but then again it wasn’t the worst either. So I’ll run another day.

The flooded tunnels

The flooded tunnels

20150808_140112 20150808_140122

When the trail is actually a cow path.

When the trail is actually a cow path.


4 Mile Field with my mountain in the background.

4 Mile Field with my mountain in the background.


3 thoughts on “Damn Rollercoaster!

  1. Jesus, I’m afraid to “Like” this note…you might pull out the voodoo doll.
    However my comment is: yep, you will run another day and having completed THAT arduous trek…not only was is one you will ALWAYS remember, you will appreciate tomorrow’s run even more than if you hadn’t completed today’s run. And if that’s all nonsense…then at least appreciate that I will thoroughly appreciate my next jaunt on the flats ’round here:)

    Question 1: why just water? Where’s the electrolyte?
    Question 2: when you run into cows…do the mooooooove or do they just have a cow?

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