Making Up For It.

Today’s run was 10…no, 100, times better than yesterday’s. 21 miles today. Art gave me a loop made up of both paved and dirt roads: Townsend Winona to Cosnino to Walnut Canyon and back home. I carried his Ultimate Direction pack with water, Powerade, Hammer Gel and my ever-present baked potato with Lo-Salt. I wore the Olympus which is like running on pillows. It ended up being a really good run…not much shade, but a good run nonetheless. I took my time but still average 9:45/mile. Only 53 miles this week, but I think that’s ok with the two long back-to-back runs.

20150809_125143 20150809_130855


3 thoughts on “Making Up For It.

  1. I like the photos, especially #1.
    Are the white flowers Queen Anne’s Lace?
    “Ever present” bake? How long has it been ever present and on the 21 miler…did you eat it ALL at once or did you snack on the go?
    Please, no half-baked replies:)

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