Spit and Rain

Spit: Yesterday I went to Buffalo Park for a quick 5 miles after work. There I was feeling light on my toes, enjoying the breeze and the late-day sunshine. I heard footsteps behind me, so I politely moved over to the right. Then it happened. Some shirtless, college pretty boy cruised past me in his nearly nonexistent shorts and SPIT right over his right shoulder. Where do you suppose he thought that spit was going to go? Maybe he thought it was going to instantly evaporate. Or perhaps he was having delusions of grandeur regarding his speed and assumed he was more than three feet away from me. Regardless, I ended up with his spit on me and he was roundly and soundly cursed out.

Please, people, do not spit while passing. Sure, I may be sweaty, smelly and in need of a shower, but your disgusting bodily fluids are not going to help. And the next time I get spit, I’m going to grab the nearest object and throw it at the spitter (which will turn out badly for all involved due to my horrific aim).

Rain:  Tonight’s 10 miles was much more enjoyable…and sanitary. I headed over to Old Walnut Canyon Road, which is a great dirt road, right after work. Storms were brewing all around, and there was some incredible lightning in the distance. It sprinkled lightly for about 1.5 miles; I welcomed the rain. The fields are carpeted in beautiful yellow flowers with bright purple ones mixed in. My legs felt great. The nerve only twinged a couple of times. I cruised out there for about 90 minutes…all by myself. No spit was involved except for the one time I managed to spit on my own leg. Oh well….


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