A New Running Friend: Natalie

There are not many people that I feel truly comfortable running with. This is not because I think I’m a great runner or because I’m a lone wolf or any nonsense like that. It has partly to do with the fact that I’m what my past students would call a “hot mess” when I run. In other words, I’m sweaty and, to put it bluntly, stinky. Who in their right mind wants to be around that?  I feel like I need to protect people from experiencing that.

In all honesty though, running is the time when I have no walls. I can’t expend the energy to keep them up when I’m focusing on putting one foot in front of the other. And it’s the time when I feel like I’m in my element and shouldn’t have to be anything other than my raw self (not always pleasant). Some people talk a lot when they drink…I talk a lot when I run, and I don’t always filter my mouth the way I should.. Who knows what I might say?? I’m liable to embarrass myself mightily.So when I run with people, they are people who I don’t mind letting in, people I trust.

So I’d like to say thank you to Natalie. We ran a solid 10 miles on Woody Mountain Rd. last night and talked the entire way. We bitched and laughed all while trying to breath. It was fantastic! If she minded that I was a sweaty monster, she didn’t say anything. (Which I appreciate greatly!) I’m always on the lookout for kindred spirits (shout out to Anne (with-an-e) Shirley), and I’m pretty sure I’ve found one. Natalie is an incredible lady. She’s training for Imogene (hardcore) and is one of the best nurses (and people) I’ve come across. I was so happy to run with her last night. Natalie, you’re superb! And I bet you’ll beat Gomez at Imogene. 🙂

Running may be the best medium for making tried-and-true friends.


2 thoughts on “A New Running Friend: Natalie

  1. Desminda…
    1. You are a liar 🙂 and also a good writer.
    2. You are not a sweaty hot mess when you run. That was ALL me!
    3. I came home and told Meagan all of the exact same, very nice, things that you just said.
    4. I feel lucky to have your friendship…I’m not much the friend making type.

  2. No malodorous stream
    Would keep me from your road team
    (Truly though there is no such miasmic steam)

    No talk aflow can me keep from you on the go,
    Nor would fists in the face slow my pace

    Though, was ONE thing,
    might distance me
    from this running queen:

    To Ms. Natalie gotta be fair
    While running, THIS happens anywhere…
    Any run,
    short or long
    might go wrong
    Ms. Des

    Bursts into SONG!

    Her KING OF THE ROAD is, is, is, ah…..to die for:)

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