A Hot 32 Miles

Today’s run went better than I expected. My quads have been a little rough all week, so they weren’t happy with me today. Still, I managed the 32 miles. The run today was the Loop Trail (starting from our house) around to Lake Mary Road, to the airport, to Fort Tuthill, to Woody Mountain Road, through Observatory Mesa to the Y at Schultz Creek.

It was very warm today, about 90 degrees. I used today to work on managing my fluid and food intake. Art was a superstar and met me at various drop points with lots of goodies (chips, oranges, water, soda, etc). He would park the truck and and run the trail back toward me. (He still managed to get in 28 miles even without all that driving around.) I was able to drink a lot of water and powerade, Probably I didn’t drink enough water between miles 16 and 24, but I did pretty well after that. I ate chips, 1/2 orange, nutella sandwich, swedish fish, 1/2 baked potato and hammer gel. My quads were very sore at times, but it’s just muscle soreness. I was pleased that the nerve issue didn’t act up and nothing else caused any problems. It was just really hot and the shade was nearly nonexistent. I was very thankful for the sunscreen today!


For the most part, the trails was lovely. There was There was however one area near the airport in which something had died relatively recently. Ewww… 20150816_084213_Richtone(HDR)20150816_085128_Richtone(HDR)

I’m very excited that the run went so well today, even in the heat.

64 miles this week.

20150816_150036 20150816_150041



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